Testing Directors:

  • Taylor Foor
  • Evan Heusinger

Technical Directors:

  • Roshan Darji
  • Grant Park

Rocket City Math League

The Rocket City Math League (RCML) organizes an annual math competition for motivated and talented middle and high school students from Pre-Algebra through Calculus and beyond. RCML was created in 2001 by the math team students at Grissom High School in Huntsville, Alabama. Our goal has always been to provide a high-quality math competition to foster interest and develop a deeper understanding of mathematics. Over the years, we have grown from a small, 10-team contest, to over 4500 students from all over the world participating last year. RCML remains a nonprofit, student-run organization and is sponsored by the national Mu Alpha Theta organization.

2012-2013 RCML Staff

  • Testing Directors
    • Taylor Foor
    • Evan Heusinger
  • Technical Directors
    • Roshan Darji
    • Grant Park
  • Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Cindy Rodgers

  • Discovery Coordinators
    • Ash Nanda
  • Apollo Coordinators
    • Kevin Lee
    • Tannya Bralley
  • Gemini Coordinators
    • Wai Tai Chan
  • Mercury Coordinators
    • Michelle Driessnack
  • Explorer Coordinators
    • Rozhan Ghanbari
  • Inter-School Coordinators
    • Daniel Chen
    • Bill Caraway